If Ever The Heart Trembled

A Dressing For A Child's Armour

If Ever The Heart Trembled
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Imprisoned by walls of discontent, a woman drowns in her sorrow. She's carried out of Heaven by the heart's wallowing.

I wander through isolated halls in search of my timetable.  However, I only obtain ressonance voices echo.  I strive for a mindful enrichment.  I wait for my guide.  No one comes.  I'm alone inside myself.

 I live to fulfill a destiny I never asked for.

Tell me why I fall to my knees when the lion roars.  I emplore you, my Lord, to pull me out of the wasteland I walk.  I want to rise up against viciousness.  Won't you hear my cries for something to hold onto.

If ever a heart trembled aloft, grab mine.  Toss it into the flames.  Let my cinder be used as a dressing for a child's armour.  For together we shall recind words bound to the heart.

All vileness must be put to rest.  If not to be fed by Your Grace, then to at least walk regal in plights death embodies.

How shall I learn to live once the fire dies?  Will you be my candle whose flame joins me to its drippings.  

I'm confounded to release my hands from yours.  For if only a cloud lends my soul a place of rest in Your piercing eyes.

For my eyes are cloudy by tearful goodbyes.  I no longer walk tall.  Maybe I never did.

Is it right for the meek to be stomped upon by another's cruelty.  I crawl through the darkness, patting my hands against the ground.  Soot fills my lungs.  I struggle to breathe.

In the realm I tread, my soul walks ahead of me.  Fire burns my eyes.  I'm blinded by my wake.  For if there be told a tale about the wretched, my song shall be the thematic composition taking lead.

Someone grabs my wrist.  I'm tugged.  My knees cry from the rawness.  My soul is punctured.  Although I resist, I cannot break my captor's hold.

Torn seam by seam, I get to my feet.  My head strikes the ceiling.  The captor whispers, "Your will is mine, but my bond is yours.  Only the mind's power can set you free.  For if you think, then  you are.  If you are, then you are here.  But if you dream, then you are not."

I considered all he said.  However, the chill iny heart keeps me stranded.  I close my eyes to listen to my dreams.  They feed my senses.  I drown inside myself, and slip away.  I'm propelled into reality.  I'm free.

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