Shadows Haunting A Fierce Soul

Shielding The Past With Holistic Majesty

Shadows Haunting A Fierce Soul
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A woman wrestles with the past. She tries to escape it, only to lose herself in illusion. Therefore she dissolves into nothingness. Her voice can be heard in the wind.

Tamed layers compound into a fierce soul.

I'm broken down by infinite rawness.

Compression emits shadows haunting me at night when I sleep.

My spirit cannot relinquish them, if only to drink liquid light.

Hover me no more.  You blend my emulsion into your rage.

However, when shall my soul be whole?

Shield my heart from the past.  For it doesn't know how to live.

Cherish all holistic majesty, but renounce feverish tendencies.

I continue to drift out to see.

Where will these waters take me?

My soul lingers.

Drugerey consumes my inner realm.

I grip my heart.  A neverending story unfolds.

Allow a glowing orb to burn up a sagging dream.  Let it dry and fade away.  I'm torn.



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Very well written poem. I loved the use of your words. So sad and so profound. It is really a struggle to come out of a dark past. The shadows are too dark and monstrous and they keep haunting you through out. You feel like you have been engulfed by the darkness of your past. Will look forward to more of your poems.


Thank you so much arunima25 for your kind words regarding my poem. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment on it.