The Cavity Of Desire

Man Runs Into Stern Fires

The Cavity Of Desire
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A stagnant life searches for a new calling, but finds a dried up mass full of ashes, instead.

I stumble everyday looking for

a way out of closed in spaces.

There is a derranged figure sifting

through remains the hierarchy left


Why must the cavity of desire bleed

into misguided streams?

Is there ever an advancement paid to

the Lord's kingdom?

Man runs into stern fires overpowering

him and pulling him under.

For the measure it's wounds scar up

give a release to the beast dwelling 

within man.

It's in search of true light beholding

reward in halls filled with gold.

I send in agonizing whims of my plight

so as to drink up your stalemate.

I'm the one who walks in accordance to

the Lord's statues; yet, I drown in ails of


You dare plague my heart with frailty.

I won't plead for my livelihood.  For to

do so is beneath me.

Rather, I'll take hold of it in bruteness

while watching you drown in your own 


Darkness falls before you.

The dead creep into your halls where 

they await for you to take you last 


You wear your ring of fire close to your 


Afoot go your tendencies to enrapture

those shrouded in black veils.

For my steppingstone fails me.

I fall further and further beyond the

breadth time for stalled in my mind.

For my mind echoes with childish 


There is no other coil to be found in 

these strange broken dreams.

I cradle my cat while sing it to sleep.

Quaking skies shift their plight, allowing

their rain to cry upon my head.

Cop a plea, if you must, but all song 

remains illusive.

I shield my heart by having it removed, 

so as to march into the fire.

I grab hold of the darkness, and twist


Lull me to sleep, lion roaring behind me.

For our dance has just begun.

Plow into the earth with your candor to 

better see all glory found in the heavens.

I don't want to thirst anymore.

For in the long my breaths scorn, I


Can you see me?  Can you see me?

Look into your own mind to find the

wiles unleashing their wrath.

I'm fixated upon your fierce eyes.

If ever there were a lone star, I choose

to march against the wind.

Run.  Run, my lion.  For your fire slowly

dies down.  Where will you go when it's 


Your end is near.  Your end is near.


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