Dangerous woman

She says She is dangerous

Dangerous woman
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The story here begins after she met him. How the journey began without any thought of ending up together but as you know when it's about the same vibe vibrating together, it is difficult to stay apart . The feeling doesn't leave easily even if the person does. But the girl here doesn't fear anymore and she says ''SHE IS DANGEROUS''.


Lust was pleasing
Love invaded,

Dramatic emotion
Drawn devotion,
Lot of affection
It seemed perfection,
atleast  to those eyes that could see.
And if you ask me,
Let's sit over a coffee
And talk about me
Her heart became WE
And all you could see
Was a Beauty and a Flying Bee,
 And she was setting him FREE

After all she is DANGEROUS
and her life has always been flavorous.
So she decided,

(Though Heart wants what it wants!
And it haunts,
deep down , so bad)

to feel happy with what she had
And she had enough!
to keep her moving.
But keep moving suddenly didn't seem enough
So she took a puff
Thought why life felt so rough
And it carried on puff after puff
Cigarette, a fucking healing stuff,
she thought


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Hi! Lovely poem, yes love indeed can be very dangerous and unpredictable. Nonetheless, it is inescapable as we all need to be loved. Loving someone makes you so vulnerable as such some can't handle. You lose control as you give your all, it's a beautiful thing but it's dangerous.


A nice attempt. The title was really catchy and it was a very unusual one that caught my attention. It has an open ended culmination leaving reader with their own perception and their own imagination for the next. The end was not a cliche and that is what I like about it. I hope I have perceived it in the same light as you have written it. I really appreciate your cool way of writing.


Thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot . And yes I think we are on the same page for this one๐Ÿ˜ŠโœŒ๐Ÿผ


Wow... This is some seriously cool writing on your part. When I read the title, I didn't think it was a poem. But when I started reading it, I found out it to be one of the best descriptions of she meeting him. Good job!


Thanks a lot. The appreciation means a lot to me