Sometimes I am not the same

The different shades of a girl oops an amateur writer

Sometimes I am not the same
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A poem dedicated to my own self.

Sometimes I am sweet
At other times I am not

Sometimes I love
At other times I am neutral

Sometimes I am confident 
At other times I am not

Sometimes I am witty
At other times I can really be a big bore


Sometimes my sense of humour is on

At other times you might find me in my complaining mood


Sometimes I want to be alone
At other times I want to talk


The truth is that I just keep on changing
As change is the only thing which I truly love and aspire

You never know the next time that you will meet me 

I would be in which mood

The sweet mish

The reserved mish

The expressive one  
The naughty one
The angry one

The confident one

The sensitive one
or The preachy one 

Keep meeting and keep guessing...

Coz even I don’t know :-)


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Most of the time in our life the struggle that we have is with yourself. Freeing and liberating the inner YOU is most of the times the answer to the most deep routed troubles..

This poetry moves around slaves, about how they feel when we order them..Hope you will like it!.

Everyone desires happiness. It is in the pinnacle of thoughts of every person.

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Hi! Aww, I really enjoy this poem, it really shows your sweet tender side. We all get in different moods though some moodier than others. Keep writing your beautiful words and keep intriguing us.


Love it


Well done. Nice poetry. In this poetry, you expressed all the emotions that any individual feels .thanks for sharing. I would like to read more from you.


Yeah, sometimes we are this and sometimes we are that. Sometimes we are happy and sSometimes we are sad. These are all the emotions we experience in our day-today life. We all go through ups and down. It was a lovely read.