The Rise Of The House On The Prairie

A House Of Wisdom, Selflessness, And Infinite Love

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As seen from above, the prairie is but a tiny patch of land where the house is just a dot among other dots. It is actually a trailer which is home - a home - to two selfless individuals with whom I have common ancestry, if not blood ties. They are not akin to all else of the present generation...because they are not of this world!
It is not true to say, as dangled before your
eyes and mind, only when the students are ready
will the teacher arrive.

From out of the blue, a whiff of wind is heralded
to give way to teachers in our midst, the Buddha
being one of them.

And nestled in a quiet, obscured flatlands, a 
prairie almost close to the North Pole live a
couple with whose past, mine had been entwined.

Theirs their life lived no affinity with others,
because they are love and selflessness personified.
They volunteered to teach truth through the gloom.

Though birth is a magnet to this earth plane, and
in ashes are we compliant to the ground that ties
us down, in our soul we are native to space!

And the prairie where my family lives in a lonely
patch of humble land will from where they descended, 
they will one day ascend bodily to their abode stars. 

The Andromeda!

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We judge one another in different ways depending among other things on how they look, how they sound and where they live. However we can be quite wrong because you cannot judge a book by its cover and neither can you judge a person by the kind of house they live in..

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