A traveler's song

This little poem I dedicate to every girl, who suffers from long distance relationships.

A traveler's song
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The man I love is born to be a traveler. He is the most amazing story-teller I have ever known and that's what makes our relationship so alive and special. I have written this little poem when he was in Peru, telling me all the stories about a country I have never seen, but he made me feel like I was there, And it was magical.

He’s a sailor,

You can call him with many names;

But only I am lucky to know,

His real, pure and inner name.


 He’s a voice with many sounds,

 Like wind, like storm, like autumn rain;

 But you can never, ever know,

 The way he tells me fairy-tales.


He comes to me at every night;

When forest’s blue and moon shines bright,

When grass is black

And lake’s dark;

When wolves start howling

At their dear star.


  I’m asleep and he’s right there  

Next to bed, on writing chair

 He’s there, looking down at me,

 While whispering his story.


He tells me how the earth was born,

How mother-nature lulled to dwarves,

How high grey fairies could fly

And how much they loved the sky.


  He tells me how tall the dragons are

  And what color their tales are,

  He tells that the oceans can speak

  And then he says that his time’s up.


I feel like he’s my inner voice,

Which fills me up with cheer and joy,

His eyes are old and hands are warm,

I like to call him “the man I love”.


 I think I saw him for  several times

But they seem like dreams

Unreal ones.

My real world lays at a place

Where I sleep and he tells fairy-tales.


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This little poem I wrote for everyone and for myself, to look at it back, when i'm feeling down.

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