Poetry - The Importance of Poetry in our Lives, Explaining Specific Verses

Poetry is a literary work in verse writing of high quality, great beauty, a piece of art, with emotional sincerity or intensity, a graceful expression showing imagination and deep feeling with beautiful and elegant quality. It is a profound insight that enables a poet to idealize reality and to see the things or situations in a particular way, to express his feelings of his own accord and to represent them in such a way as to delight the readers.

It is the quality of a great poetry through which the creeds and the system of human values are discussed that a reader may ultimately be enlightened and rejoiced. Poetry is also a good source of freeing somebody from ignorance, misdeeds or evils while it inspires and encourages us; instills in us noble thoughts by dealing very much with the ways we live in.

A poet is a possessor of unusual sensitivity or insight. He is able to express things in a beautiful and romantic way. He is an imaginative, a creative and artistic person. High perception and imagination with profound insight is what that differentiates between a poet and a layman. A multicolored arc in the sky is just a rainbow to a layman but a poet has greater capacity to receive sense impressions about it to express his powerful feelings.

The great poet Wordsworth was such an individual whose heart leapt up with joy on beholding a rainbow and he expressed his feelings of his own accord about the rainbow.

The art or the skill of writing poems in a particular language or form is a natural gift or it may be acquired ability by which a poet deals with the reality of life. It is through the art of poetry that the universal facts are represented. The way a poet idealizes reality and represents the things accordingly rouses our admiration to the art of poetry. Thus, adoption of a narrow view about poetry that it gives us not reality is out of place when one reads poetry and gets inspired and delighted. And the notion that poetry employs artificial language is also incorrect when it is considered on the grounds of diction and poetic beauty and its excellence through which it has since long inspired the readers. Hence, one should turn to poetry to interpret life and to console himself that the poetry relates to our personal life.

There are a lot of poems of great poets available to read and interpret what they have tried to convey. The message of poems about life and the state of affairs may be understood and are to be applied in our personal life.In this way, poetry teaches us the lessons about how to live life providing the meaning of life.

In whatever form or a language the poetry is written, poetry is after all poetry with an objective of consoling, encompassing a great power and appeal to delight the reader while heightening an awareness of various situations and discussing the aspects of life.This leads us to understand and interpret what has been written, with what objective so that the purpose of a poem or specific verses may be served well. The following verses have been taken from one of the poems of a famous English Poet, Thomas Gray.

“Full many a gem of purest ray serene
The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear:
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.”

These verses are of much value and significance to reveal the reality of life. Indeed, every era is endowed with talented people but few could surpass their boundaries because the dilemma of lack of opportunities has intervened in their way of success. The crushing upshot, the painful results of lack of opportunities is revealed in the above verses.

Individuals whose abilities have remained undeveloped have been compared to exquisite gems lying unknown at the bottom of the sea and to lovely and sweet-smelling flowers that bloom in the wilderness. Their talents would, of course, have developed and they would have certainly been successful in their abilities had they had opportunities. What may, therefore, be construed is the need for favorable opportunities that the capabilities of individuals may have occasion to blossom.

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K. A. Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)

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