This poem depicts that one must put efforts to tackle the difficulties that one faces in life because running away from the hardships is not a solution to the problem, but just an alternative to delay the problem.



Life doesn’t always run on a single notion,

Has different phases embedded in different emotions.

Sometimes a moment of forever seeming happiness,

Or maybe just the clouds of utter darkness.


No one gets a buttery life,

Smooth and calm with a clear sky.

There do come storms of hurdles to face,

To tackle them is a test that destiny takes.

Its boring to be happy always,

There has to be some adventures to chase.

That’s why life created too many walls,

For us to climb and reach the other phase.


Those are stupids who quit their lives,

Due to the waves of hurdles high.

Do not understand the fact of life,

That after every sunset there is a sunrise.


So churn out the strength in you,

Face with courage the massive hues.

So as to escape from the stormy land,

And leave your footprints on the sand.


Life isn’t so cruel it seems,

At least it gave you a chance to breathe.

Now you have to discover you own path,

That leads you towards the fountain of relief.


This poem is a highly inspirational one. It emphasizes on the fact that The Almighty has designed our life in the most complicated way. At time we are blessed with bliss and at times we are tested on our abilities through the hardships.  It is expected of us to break through the walls and seek the ray of light in the gloomy darkness. Life is all about defeating the storms. One must try and put his utmost strength to overcome what we call as ‘troubles’, because it’s only cowards who run away and search for an already explored path instead of creating one by themselves.

A famous proverb say



Thus to find our way out must be our very AIM!




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This little poem I wrote for everyone and for myself, to look at it back, when i'm feeling down.

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