Human Life

Human Life

Human Life
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Human life is the most civilized of all lives. It is confined to dutifulness, responsibility, judgement, etiquette and manner.

Life is heaven; when soul in peace,

Life is dream; when mind in please,

Life is curse; when character will fail,

Life is hell; when love is pale,

Life is glorious; when etiquette is moral,

Life is dignified; when perform is social,

Life is creative; when love inbound,

Life is prosperous; when wise is sound,

Life is renowned; when quality is novel,

Life is beloved; when image is reliable,

Life is civilized; when manner is fair,

Life is great; when cognition is mere,

Life is fruitful; when achievement too high,

Life is precious; when judgment is justified,

Life is sacred; when thought is ethical,

Life is memorable; when duty is responsible;

Life is blessed; when character is the best,

Life is protected; when will is honest,

Life is success; when goal is firm,

Life is end; When heart not pump.


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Life is not meant to be easy. Nevertheless it is meant to be lived to the fullest. Throughout out lived we are to make a positive impact and be of service to each other.


I find Poems hold an interest for me and this one was a hard read. This probably comes from the language and cultural differences. It rhymed fairly well, I find the stages of life to be amazing, To watch a baby grow into an adult and mature is fun to watch. I especially like to see a child's face light up when something is learned. Good Job!