Improvement of Personality

Improvement of Personality

Improvement of Personality
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Personality depends on moral habit. Self - confident can develop one's personality. Rational thought is necessary for better personality.

Personality of a man develops one’s career;

Presentation should be appropriate and fair,

Good features of character can improve it;

Personality depends on moral habits,

We should develop our self-confidence;

Present yourself with smart appearance,

Sociableness enhance one's personal sense;

Good personality depend on feature of patience,

Personality confide in presence of mind;

Alertness and sincerity should not subside,

Virtuous courage is its great ornament;

Personality improve by judicious judgement,

Rational thoughts required for better personality;

Personality can develop negotiate ability,

Personality build up by innovative skill;

Impartiality is necessary for public deal,

Stern situation conquest by rigid personality;

Good personality develop the social identity,

Man of personality is social acceptance;

Personal and social life should not offence.


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Our personalities are something we develop over time as we grow into adults. The personalities shape the individual and we become set in our ways. This can be changed over time if the work is put into the change, I feel that certain traits can not be changed because they have shaped us into who we are. Let's use me as an example, I have changed some of my personality to be more open and friendly, but I still feel awkward in certain social situations. Poems are great when they brings things to the light.


We should develop good personality by embracing self confidence and optimism. Good personality also stems from positive self esteem.