Way of Peace

Way of Peace

Way of Peace
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Man of sacred mind can find out the way of peace. Feature of non violence, feature of sympathy, consideration, responsibility and dutifulness are important parts of the peace.

Peace is directly related with mind 

People should be devoted for mankind , 

It never stay throughout lifetime  

We should mind that peace is prime ,

Peace can improve the mental ill 

Peace do work by hearty feel , 

Morality and humanity to paths of peace 

In crime and violence peace will cease ,

Peace is needs of sacred mind 

Sinful acts snached peace of kinds ,

Immoral and injustice resist the peace  

Conquest the holiness to get your ease ,

Way of peace is like the divine 

To achieve peace acts should fine , 

Follow the maxims of greatmen 

Do your duty like a humane , 

Life is hunger of want of peace 

As it is the great heavenly bliss , 

Be free from greed , hate and anger 

Peace will remain intact forever 


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