Fairy? or Tale?

She, who is everything

Fairy? or Tale?
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Every girl grows up with the fairy tales. All those girls who are born in 90's or before that definitely lived in fairy tale subconsciously. And now that they are all grown up and understand that fairy tales don't work in real life they are in dilemma. Whether to get practical about everything in the life or have hope for a better life like the fairy tales taught. These girls kind of adopt both ways to go through life. This poem is for these girls.

Fairy? or Tale?

She opens her eyes; the sun is already above the head.
Before anything else, she kisses her sister, mom, dad.

She struts down the stairs, in her loose pink pajama,
Lounges on the couch watching pogo & Hungama.

Teddy bears and soft toys are her unicorns,
Fairytale her teacher and love, is what she learns.

From her sweet smile and cute face don’t u misunderstand,
She won't hurt you unless you do something she can't withstand.

She takes good care of everyone's need,
But never forgets their good or bad deeds.

Long time ago, the tales got to be a part of her small world,
Now they became the light to guide her in this big world.


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