Phrases about the division

Poetic and reflective phrases on the result of the division in the world.

Only communion is efficient so that the house remains standing and sustained, unlike the division that exists to destroy the foundations of the home. 

The demoralization was created by Satan who came to bring division among the people in order to completely destroy human life. 

The Sovereignty of God reveals its perfection and the Lord Jesus is impossible to find division because He came in the Father, and delivered us from all suffering. 

  Many nations have great material wealth, but even then manage to overcome the nightmare of division that exists to cause destruction, ie wars. 

The division is designed blasphemous when the individual against the Truth that Jesus taught. 

No kingdom or nation can stand living in the practice of division between himself, for the divisions only bring harm to the world. 

The Lord Jesus himself shared in our life before and after. The before symbolized sin and then symbolizes salvation. He knows how to share intelligence. 

The demoralized government we see today throughout the world is actually conceiving within himself a great divide against the people. 

The foreigner before the Lord Jesus is divided by his disobedience by the Word of God. 

If your home is experiencing inner division seek to resolve the situation, otherwise there will be ruined. 

Living with God is to have a life divided between the will of God being over powered and carnal desire being denied every day. 

Who does not enter into an agreement when live a full division. 

The place where you apparently have peace, but without the Holy Spirit he tends to split. 

The fact is that those who live in the Light of the Holy Spirit will always live in a full division against the darkness of this world. 

Without the Holy Spirit as our guide there will always be room in our paths in our thoughts and in our hearts. 

Time to fight the spiritual division is time we recognize that only God can help us. 

On the road of faith conquers who does not look at the divisions that can cause fights with time.

We have the right to eternal life, which the Lord Jesus has prepared for us, but it is necessary that we will divide us from our will. 

Do not expect your life to suffer the negative you appeal to faith division if you can do this time.

Phrases based on the Bible: "If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom can not stand; if a house be divided against itself, that house can not stand. "(Mark 3.24-25)


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