Our Marriage

Special Poetry dedicated to our future wedding being prepared by God.

You preserve my heart and knows how to cultivate their great value 
Our marriage is a source of wealth, is all I need 
Be my wife no matter what happens, you're my treasure 
I know it's worth loving you and preserve you, keep you here inside 
I want every day to invest in your smile, your husband be the eternal 
I want to feel the purest sense dedicated to you, my great love. 

Her sweet smile, her bright eyes, her precious hands bring me life 
You are my real woman, beloved and eternal best friend 
Only you could win my heart and made me grow at all 
Today I feel a great man of God and a true lucky 
My day to day will be dedicated to please you, you are very precious to me 
Always live by your side and I'm sure that my dreams have no end. 

'll Take care of you, I build you, keep you, praise you and love you as my beloved 
You're my wife and cared for by God to honor me 
With God within me and you beside me I no longer have to worry me 
I want to meet your needs, your wishes and meet your voice heard 
I want to give all my attention to you and feel your heart 
My wife loved the simple things I have seen thee. 

Only you can make my whole being and all my sincere wishes 
How many times have not we dedicate ourselves to expect 
It was worth sacrifice and trust. It is an honor to be on this altar 
Neither distance nor time could separate our great love 
I am only yours and nothing will prevent us from making God happy, that's what makes us happy 
And the greatest honor is to hear this altar your precious "yes." 

Time may pass, but now I have a mate to love 
Every day I will have to contemplate a beautiful face and gorgeous smile but to appreciate 
Thank you for accepting me and to please me praise you as God 
I promise to my Lord Jesus to live next to you will be my great pleasure 
Today only want to stay close to your heart and take you to our Author 
He alone can teach us to love with all fear and trembling. 

You are walking towards me and my eyes overflow with tears 
Now I see you before me, it looks like my heart races 
After our alliances are exchanged kiss your sweet lips 
And this altar involve the fire of love in my arms and I will carry you 
You yearning love of my life. 
It'll be fine! Our time is coming and we are waiting here. 

"Our wedding will not be one more among many, but it will be light to bring hope to those who are far from even being married."


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