Child Labour is a Curse

A Poetry on Child Labour

Child Labour is a Curse
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Poverty and Crisis are the sources of child labour. It is in-human, we should try to abolish this social misfortune.

Child in labour is a social crime ; 

Rights of the children should be prime,

Poverty is the main source of child labour ;

Feature of the children will end forever ,

Poverty and crisis are not their fault;

Child labour problem we should halt,

Children are the future of present ;

People should realize the children consent ,

Social consciousness can diminish it ;

We should not be the social culprit,

Innocency in their childhood fight ;

Do not know the wrong and right ,

Solution of childhood we should find ;

Keeping intact their sacred mind ,

Children are consider as the gift of god ;

Save the children from social fraud ,

Love , affection and  illusion are their thirst;

Child labour is the social curst ,

Attention of government should be draw ;

We should maintain the child labour law.


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I certainly agree with you. Here in the U.S. child labor was lawful for many years, but now no child is allowed to work. It should be the same everywhere. I hope that will happen soon in all countries.


child labour is not only a curse but a matter of shame for all of us,because in the ground level very few people take any stand against this. Every member of the society should come forward to stop this otherwise all attempts will go in vain only.


It is sad that child labor happens, Many countries rely on children to produce goods that are shipped to the USA. We do not condone these actions and yet it still happens. In other countries children can be on their own from age 7 and they become easy victims. To bring this sadness to light in a poem was a good way to get your message out to the masses. In a perfect world this would never happen.


A truth which sadly still exists in society. Nicely written and noteworthy thoughts! But, speaking about the fluency of poem, the use of correct grammar, proficiency of English used and the way it's presented, it needs to be improved in some manner. Like, there's no need of using commas, some missing grammar, for eg: in 8th line, it must be, "People should realize children's consent" still, I'll recommend, "People must realize children's consent" in simple way to be more effective. Just a suggestion with good intentions for improvement, no intentions to criticize your work.:)