Child Labour is a Curse

A Poetry on Child Labour

Child Labour is a Curse
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Poverty and Crisis are the sources of child labour. It is in-human, we should try to abolish this social misfortune.

Child in labour is a social crime ; 

Rights of the children should be prime,

Poverty is the main source of child labour ;

Feature of the children will end forever ,

Poverty and crisis are not their fault;

Child labour problem we should halt,

Children are the future of present ;

People should realize the children consent ,

Social consciousness can diminish it ;

We should not be the social culprit,

Innocency in their childhood fight ;

Do not know the wrong and right ,

Solution of childhood we should find ;

Keeping intact their sacred mind ,

Children are consider as the gift of god ;

Save the children from social fraud ,

Love , affection and  illusion are their thirst;

Child labour is the social curst ,

Attention of government should be draw ;

We should maintain the child labour law.


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