Your Room - Poetry About Two Different People From Two Different Countries

Two Different Cultures United In One Room

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My poem is about two different people from two different countries. It's about the love and beauty they share. And the dreams they make.

Your room has a   lots of stories to tell

About one girl and about one man.

Which starts from a day they went inside

And put their coats directly aside.


The girl was nervous and the man was too

From the world of dreams they had to move,

Which one was lame and which one was true,

They had to discover inside this room.


The man was working, he chased bad men

And the girl had to stay alone the whole day

And when the man was working hard,

This room embraced the girl meanwhile.


This room remembers all the stories they shared

And all the scents that collapsed in the air

This room had seen what they did for love

And cried a lot when they said good bye.


No one knows what the future will bring

But now this room is empty and still,

And this man… maybe he misses the girl

who became a woman with his one move.


If you have read my poem

which is poor and sad,

I hope you find yourself in there

I hope you understand.


I don’t know what are your feelings now

And if your heart still does love me,

But the things we did in your little room

Is much more than a fantasy.


Your room has a  lots of stories to tell

About one girl and about one man.

Which starts from a day they went inside

And put their coats directly aside.


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Nicely written. Poetry brings out the feeling we suppressed over the years. You managed to put it in your words so beautifully...


Mitali, thank you for such compliments, I really feel so happy now. Thank you!


I love how poems can tell great stories and sad ones too. This one tells a story of love and two people being separated by work and how the room could tell many stories. Poems can make you happy or sad, make you laugh or cry. The best ones for me are any type that make me feel overwhelmed with emotions. Great job with this one and thank you for sharing it with us.


Iggy! Thank you so much for such warm words. You really made me feel special, because English is not my native, but some way i enjoy writing in English, and i was kind of ashamed to publish it. Thank you so much!


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