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Boost of intelligence

Boost of intelligence

Boost of intelligence
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Intelligence is a characteristic feature. Intelligence is the weapon of self-defense.

Intelligence is a way; to prosperous of life,

It can protect life; like a sharpen knife,

Intelligence is a feature; which we should gain,

Which can free the life from disgrace stain,

We should upgrade it by heart and soul;

It has a unique and fruitful role,

Ability and self-assessment can improve it ;

Psychological aptitude is the fountain to exceed,

Enhancement of intelligence needs material sense;

Intelligence confide in the practical experience,

Education and culture are to source of intelligence;

Self-conduct should be under proper guidance,

Intelligence build up the professional career;

Evolution of own habits should properly measure,

Comprehensive ability should be intensive ;

Memorization in intelligence is highly impressive,

Intelligence can overcome the puzzle situation;

We should achieve; firm sense of accumulation,

Alertness and sincerity are parts of intelligence;

Intelligence is the weapon of confidential defense.


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Rhymes have a way of being catchy and express a meaning at the same time. A good rhyme can leave a person saying or thinking of the rhyme for a day or longer. I do like rhymes but there is a special part of me that likes poetry more, now if you write a poem that rhymes I will be greatly interested in that. It takes a good knowledge of words to make something rhyme, thank you for this.