Bleeding virtue of humanity

Subdued humanity

Bleeding virtue of humanity
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We talk about religions but we forget that every religion follows humanity, a virtue towards extinction. We are not exhausted yet to act like demons. It seems we are not supreme but we used rationality in an irrational way by becoming inhumane while justifying our deeds of injustice.

Oh God! Pardon us 

It feels like we are in battlegrounds everyday.

Sometimes, we remain drenched in lust

Sometimes, we get suddenly trapped while getting social.

We draw a cycle of treachery  everyday

We are annoying humanity day by day.

We nullified the effect of love and peace

We died with our pulses bleeding in revenge and dust.

Where is the peace which could lead us towards humanity?

Oh God, guide us to achieve our humanitarian dignities.

We forgot so soon that we are not supreme beings,

We are just puppets in the hands of our destinies.

Humanity! Come along our way.

Please do not go away.

I apologise to you but do not leave the world.

Stay, and live within us.

You are the only religion which humans must know and preach.

Humanity! You are an instinct drawn from universe.

We are nearing a future where we will never listen to anyone

We will fight ruthless battles without promising good changes.

We will die without you, Humanity.

Become our voice and soothe our soul.

We want to die peacefully and we do not want to harass mother Earth anymore.

Humanity! Be with us even if we think we can create an another universe.


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While reading this poem, there was something that just didn't fit into place for me. Annoying Humanity. Well somehow I feel that it isn't possible to annoy humanity -- although I know it's just because the Author's perception of a personified Humanity would be different from mine, but I still felt this way. I really appreciate the thought behind the whole creation though. We as a society should initiate thoughtfulness. Being more thoughtful of other people, our nature, mother Earth, is indeed extremely important.


The human being can use their brains or they can utilize their brains in many activities or they can understand anything that is why we are called Human being. But today's world human are being greedy cruel and do not understand others. Some people are good and some are bad.


True Samir!


Thank you :)




Thank you :)