Innocent lust

Forbidden awareness

Innocent lust
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Lust is a forbidden emotion. Sometimes, it is necessary to experience it without hesitation. Hiding desires and not pursuing them is a greater sin than lusting for someone.

Under the shining reflection of Amor

I sat with my racing mind,

Running errands and singing melodies

of seduction and wild desires.

This innocent lust of mine

will not settle for less.

Oh beloved! I need your time.

My desires are waiting for your attention.

Under the shining reflection of Amor

I can smell my desires

blooming like the moon in the sky

waiting to watch our memorable union.

This innocent lust of mine

will wait for you tonight.

Desire! please ask the moon

to decorate me with its heavenly glory.

I want to look like a beautiful bride

who embraces her body without hesitation.

I don't want a white gown

to re-cherish my soul.

I want him to touch my soul

With his own hands.

I am not in a mood to shy away today

Tonight is our day.

Oh desire! play a musical note

on your flute of mesmerization. 

I am pining for his touch.

Under the reflection of almighty Amor,

I sit and wait to admire him.

I want him to reflect on my desires

and share his wildest desires with me.

This pining innocent lust 

might be forbidden for others

but it is a blessing for us.


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