Not depressed?

I don't think I am depressed...

Not depressed?
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Depression is one of the most growing illness among people of all ages but as its related to the brain, people keep on denying its existence. They ignore the very prominent symptoms of depression. This poem is for all those who are suffering and are still denying it. And I humbly request to seek some help if you are one of them.

Not depressed?

I don't think I am depressed. 

But I like sitting all alone,
Cutting off all sounds and connections. 

When, all I want is, a shoulder to cry on.


I don't think I am depressed. 

But I can't embrace my happy side,

Or put an effort to stand out.

When, all I want to do is, hide.


I don't think I am depressed. 

But I like being in bed all day.

Even if it's for 12 hours, 48 or more

When, all I want, is to let the pain go away.


I don't think I am depressed. 

But I sometimes skip meals

To the point that I have a bread a day

When all I want is three-course meal


I don't think I am depressed. 

But I sure am, in a constant struggle

To not let my feeling ruin my focus,

When I want is to, once and for all, end this juggle.


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Depression can be as mild as sad feelings from things not going your way or as serious as being committed. Depression is prevalent in society today and poems help to shed light on them. Medications can assist in some forms of depression while others can be delt with by talking about things you been keeping inside.


Hmmm.... Based from your article, there might be a difference between depression, procrastination, boredom and burn out... I love how you write the poem 'though. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much.