The Lost love

Desperately seeking love

The Lost love
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Expectations and the emotions of his somewhere lost an adorability call it his love. some found expectations which never would have happened if it was not for someone responded to his askings.askings of his love.akings of his expectations of forlorn love.

The Damsel


Yeh baby hip hip hurray,

Yeh baby hip hip hurray,

Unseen told a desperateness,

Desperately enough courtship.

Seeketh thine gracious women,

The adorable tender cajoles, balminess.

Yeh baby is not the love,

Hey baby is not the love

The lost forlorn seeketh,

The poetry of the lost fortune,

Kindest gave days,

Days of nurture, adorability,

Much is the expositions,

Delight tender amity of courtship,

Where are the wrongs,

Desperately seeks moreover,

Why such are the woes and wails,

So somber is the parting,

A delight had never had,

A delight had had,

Desperately seeks moreover,

Why such are the woes and wails

Someday somewhere a charm awaits,

Hey, baby hip hip hurray,

The Enchantress of a console,

The lost forlorn seeketh,

The poetry of lost fortune

The sanguine apparition,

The dignity of Providence,

The Enchantress of yet another day,

A delightful charm of a beloved,

Is this love, Is this bliss

The damsel, the poetry,

Gracious, adorable, sacred colors of noblesse,

The lost forlorn lady,

The lady forlorn seeketh noblesse.

Never bid goodbye,

Would be a poetry of delightful charm colors of noblesse,

Hey, baby hip hip hurray,

Hey, baby hip hurray,

Maybe yet another day,

The charm of delight worthy.

Is this love, Is this bliss found,

Desperately enough back the colors of kind delightful courtship.

Is this love, Is this bliss,

Such is the ecstasy,

When finding the sanguine adorability.

Hip hip hurrays, hip hip hurray.


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My poem is about a boy falling in love with her best friend, and he expresses his emotions through poem.... .

This little poem I wrote for everyone and for myself, to look at it back, when i'm feeling down.

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Simply an adorable piece of art.....the script has precise coverage of the equally intended feelings. Very nice writeup.


Thank you Nishanth for your appreciation.You really understand the depth involved in this poetry. please do share with your friends on social media Thank you