You're the melody

Crossing the janeiro...

You're the melody
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What we perform, what we show is what we achieve in this world. If we keep caring about, what people say, the time's run out, problems, keep blaming them, we'd never revive to try again... This poem tries to highlight it..

Ignore, the humps laid with no use

are they going to heal your views?

make you feel the real drill?

or maybe, they succomb in deadly bills?


Let it go, attire of sorrows

unspoken world with no horrifying burrows

Introvercy is a gift for life's tomorrows

stake it's effect after crossing that janeiro


Wake up! stop clapping for unnecessary ducks

your destiny, can fetch you a higher luck

if you're willing to crack with no codes

You're a survivor, with a waiver to roads


The world isn't waiting, you're patient

Grab the potions to transform the hills

This is a parole, out of the stadium

racing through glances of that glimmery sun


Time hasn't disappeared, claim your patents 

You're the melody, your voice, it's wheels


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