Terrorism The Alarm of Nations

Terrorism The Alarm of Nations

Terrorism The Alarm of Nations
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Terrorism is an inhuman cruelty.It is a misguided path of the self-seeking person. Terrorism never is a path of solution.

Terrorism is the feature of inhuman cruelty;

We should not revengeful should make unity,

Terrorist does not belong to any religion or nation;

Terrorism the ill-advised of dreadful passion,

Terrorists do not bear from their birth;

Some self-seeking persons misguided path,

If the terrorists have humanitarian sense;

Mind it terrorism is a religious offense,

Terrorism never be a path of solution;

It is a terrible curse for all the nations,

 Terrorist is such a sinful strives;

It will return as curse in your life,

Peaceful policy should be internationalist;

Abolish the terrorism, not the terrorists,

The nation who indulged this barbaric path;

UNO should boycott from international mart,

Affect of terrorism should worldwide publish;

We should organize to make it abolished,

It is our invoke to all the terrorists;

Please turn back being a holy humanist.


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