Money is Honey Same as Bitter

Money is Honey Same as Bitter

Money is Honey Same as Bitter
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Money makes pleasure but it may be a tragedy.It is indispensable for human life.

Money is indispensable for human life;

Money is necessary for better survive,

Money is content but the cause of anxiety;

Money is happiness and make one’s gravity,

Money is the cause of prosperous wealth;

Money may be the source of ill health,

Money is prime for the own credibility;

Money is misfortune when it infelicity,

Money make fame when earning in honesty;

Money access a man to the path of vanity,

Money show dream to the way of success;

Money may be the cause of ill depress,

Money proceed a man to the dishonesty;

Money should be used for the acts of charity,

Money is pleasure but maybe tragedy;

Money is need for mental remedy,

Money make power when it makes unity;

Money is useful for all kind of treaty,

Money is required for basic formalities;

Money makes differ in human equality.


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Before money was invented exchange or purchase of goods was through barter system or obtained free from natural resources or from one's fields ,jungle etc. Even now farmers not in too close proximities with towns would not be depending too much on money? These days every thing -virtually every thing has price tag. Those with money can get what they desire excepting a few things which are not on sale like love, happiness, good health etc.