Modern Politics

Modern Politics

Modern Politics
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Modern politics is the self-seeking persons divine garden. It is the subject of elevation.

 Politics is the subject of elevation;

Politician should learn the social education,

Politics is the pillar of nations prosperity;

Politician should oath for national integrity,

Modern politics is not for ideal men;

Self-seeking person divine garden,

Politician should be honest and proficient;

Modern politics is in moral deficient,

Politics is now the professional platform;

There is no sign of political norms,

Modern politics is now full of anarchy;

Politics has lost its glorious catchy,

Modern politics has no light of civility;

Modern politics lost its definite ideality,

It has confined with greed, hate and jealous;

Politics should be the path of virtuous,

Socialism and nationalism are political part;

Politics should not be professional mart,

Modern politics forget the law of generosity;

Politicians should make the human amity.


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