Detriment Of Modern Civilization

Detriment Of Modern Civilization

Detriment Of Modern Civilization
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Detrimental sites of modern civilization created the human panic. Social media is highly effective in teenagers.

Modern civilization reached the brightest peak;

Light of civilization makes a better realistic,

As civilization grown up through scientific;

Civilization should apply for proper humanistic,

It has increased the human being’s pride;

Modern civilization has many detrimental sites,

Battle of power is also civilization’s tricks;

Detrimental sites make the human panic,

Social media is the part of civilization ;

Teenagers mind have turned into addiction,

Modern civilization impede marriage solution;

Family breaking extended in modern civilization,

Drug addiction turned into a social disease;

It is also due to the civilized disservice,

Civilization pollutes in the games and sports;

Doping and betting are the civilized efforts,

Human being forgetting the inherent habits;

Influence of civilization makes the demerits,

Civilization enhanced the high ambition;

High ambition turned into mental frustration. 


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