Reply to the Lord Jesus

Poetic letter to the Lord Jesus.

Hi, Lord Jesus!

That letter to arrive in heaven will cheer you up completely.

I know you're missing a lot of me as much as I myself am.

Patience. Do not know about months remaining before the Lord comes for me, I thank you with all my heart the Words of Life that you sent me and have spoken in my heart.

You are Sovereign! Magnificent! Gorgeous!

That my morning is just beautiful to know that you are with me, I am radiant, full of light and life so much joy to my day.

Really life is full of surprises as many as You say refletes inside me, a transformative effect, a true and just pure feeling, so wonderful that I can not find words needed to describe what I feel and have for Thee, Lord Jesus. Every night I fall asleep thinking of their works.

Thanks for everything I really like, love and fall in love more and more for you, my pleasure to be with you. I feel perfectly well, very rewarding to know that You exist and live in me.

All he has done in my life has only cooperated to my joy, I feel the eternal peace of Christ and just have the desire to want more of You, I want you so much.

Live as if my hand was launched a seed in the earth that is close to flourish in your presence and give great fruits. My First Love I want to state that everything is being generated slowly through my faith in Thee The roots of my spiritual communion are being created every day. Each time alone with you is very special, very glorious, unforgettable and everlasting.

Oh Lord Jesus! I'm loving you and loving you every day and am very happy with you.

I told you thanks today? Do not?

I have not told you I love you?

So I'll not only thank you, but my whole hand on your altar.

Thank you for existing, my Lord.

You're simply the best wonder of my life, sovereign, dear, are my great love.

You are my First Love. You really want and you know I'm happy and fully realized.

Time goes by very fast, I too find you, kill my hunger and thirst for Thee, I vent their holy perfume kiss your beautiful face, I want to touch You, and the kingdom of heaven when we are together forever I want the time we just stop and become so only to pour myself before Thee without ceasing. My Beloved love you more and more.

I can hear his voice saying: Wait for me I'm coming to get you! Hallelujah!

I know that my time with you is the most perfect, is gone, but worth it.

The Lord has enriched my soul salvation and made my existence worthwhile.

I know that my life will be glorified and your kingdom full of happy moments immortalized. And when it all happen I wish my lips never cease to worship you.

Meeting you was the best of both wished, become his friend, thank you for choosing me, now I'm more than a servant, am thy beloved son.

Lord Jesus, You are the very life of God in me.

Thank you for being my partner, lover, friend and my heart.

Hearing your voice makes me cringe inside as much anointing, hear your voice telling me that love takes me beyond my own emotions.

And your sweet smile? Your smile is sovereign in my soul and a call for many visits to my own imagination that leads me to the skies.

I love it when I get ringtones on my heart. Let me quickened. I have seen thee and have an assurance of salvation, peace, I realize that everything I have is not in vain. Believe it!

My eyes received an overflowing brightness and is visible because all comment on the difference.

You seek incessantly, I dive in their words, when I contemplate you also realize the reflection of this love that saved me from sin, love that every day is stronger. Within my heart I have so many thoughts dedicated to Thee it is impossible to forget you. My words can not express my love for Thee, earn my own living.

Dream to live with you forever in fact and in truth, I know you're in my entire morning and it is their presence that makes my day make sense.

No one can understand our relationship and fellowship. No one else in the world would understand the way I dedicate myself to Thee

We already have big wins together.

So many stories to tell of overcoming.

Between smiles and some tears of both planting.

We harvest new things coming me to rejoice. And no doubt in a few days we will meet in the Kingdom. I'm counting the days to receive your return. Give myself daily to their feet, Lord Jesus, in the certainty that the Lord is coming to get me.

With patience I seek Thee strength to continue in my spiritual walk. Oh God strengthens me!

For the world can be another amid the crowd, but am thy chosen.

Just for You I am the Beloved Son in whom God delights of love.

I Love You in the same way that you love me, grateful for coming into my life.

I leave you a hug those that you alone can get, stuck, time consuming and full of love.

Son who loves you: Myself.

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