The Extraordinary Spirit of God

Poetry that reveals the greatness of the Holy Spirit which is the very God in us.

The Holy Spirit is my special, is the Source of all that I have and everything I am.

The Holy Spirit is the power that makes the impossible become possible in my life.

Without the Holy Spirit can not live, can not stand to have a life without her pure love.

When the Holy Spirit enveloped me everything became new in my ways.

The Holy Spirit is my Life, my Hope, my extraordinary.

Without the Holy Spirit does not exist, I have no reason to breathe.

Holy Spirit tell me to always serve the Lord Jesus.

Need you, depend on you, sigh by your presence, love you!

My vision has changed, my heart is renewed, my eyes have brilliance.

The Holy Spirit is the life change is all we need.

Make my life your home, the Holy Spirit comes to live in me.

Imagine myself in your glory as the angels worshiping the Lord Jesus.

You need to live for yourself, fight for my faith, love you!

I raise my thoughts to thy throne and it makes me so well.

There simply is no other place better than your Altar.

Holy Spirit calling me to enjoy fellowship with you, hear your voice calling me.

I am your beloved son, thy chosen servant, thy true worshiper.

I have no silver or gold, but I'm your holy and glorious presence.

By the time most needed thy hand hath found me and raised me.

You are my greater good, infinite treasure, eternal Wealth, My Everything.

I think I got done in each and thus renew my love for Thee

I promise to live according to their wills and counteract all my will.

Come, Holy Spirit get hold of my heart and transform my mind.

Without You I can not afford to be happy, I am nothing without the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is My Extraordinary, my Eternal Life.

With you I can overcome any difficulty and any persecution.

I'm so small and yet you love me greatly.

What I have so little to give you, still give you my heart.

Every day dream to meet you in heaven, behold my Lord Jesus.

The Holy Ghost is the greatest gift of all, far beyond what I dreamed.

Holiness to the Lord I say, I want to live in his presence.

No matter what happens I want to keep my holiness and purity on your altar.

I need your care, I need your forgiveness, I need your immense love.

The Holy Spirit is the special of God flowing into my being.

I thirst for Thee, I thirst for his power, depend on His Spirit.


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