Love begotten by God

Poetic text that talks about the love that God creates within two hearts born to complete.

I love it when the night comes and you call us pray.
Wordlessly, as proof that love me
Plant seeds Word to edify me.

Always takes care of me, making me happy
I'm blessed, I can only thank
It's that emotion is a certainty,
Eternal love is just you

Brings me closer to God, change my world to make me
This ardent prayer to consecrate myself did
I'm like Christ and you need the church-building
God keeps us within one heart.

I love it when my gaze comes changes
Even after staying silent
Always seeks to build the relationship.

Take care of my thoughts, makes me so happy
Leave my common when you hold me
It's more than that passion is a beautiful emotion
Eternal love is just you.

Takes me away from my want, I open up a lot to love you
This burning will make sure I always love you
I'm not perfect, I just want you to accept my heart
I want to live inside your heart.

I love it when you prepare for me a song
Even if my body will grow old
My soul always want to thank you.

Take care of my heart, renew it as God renews
The age does not separate the love that always pleases
I want you, to share my life and my tears pour
Tears of gratitude for someone who chose to love me.

Take me to know your deepest intimate
I am ready to receive your brazier you how to fire that lights
Whoever you, me, and anyone else
I will listen to you, meet you and see you through.

Around the world will speak of his dedication for me
Their value and their care has made me a happier man.

This is love forever, I'll take my inner
Love will care greatly in fear
The world may not believe us
But God has blessed us, nothing separates us.

My desire is to make you the happiest woman
All outburst days with God to keep thee
You have helped God to heal my wounds
Revealed to me that someone still loved me
Got that had some value in my feelings
Besides all accepted my flaws.

Jesus redeemed you for me
Saved his soul that I care for her
In seconds, minutes, hours dedicate my life to love you
Not all of my books together be able to define its preciousness
I want to practice the truth and fidelity in this love and nothing else.


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