I fell in love with a stripper

The naked side of a clothed being

I fell in love with a stripper
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The axiom of consoling with lies has never been more exaggerated than it is today. Many folks are unable and unwilling to expose their worms for fear that their mates may not enjoy the meal. Always stick to the one who sees your darkness and boldly makes a home in your life.


Beloved, last season I had to be gone,

Before the sun displayed my darkness

With your breathe afar, no sadness of departure

Departed in the midst of deep love between you and old blanket

To attend an impromptu meeting with my inner collisions

A blind creature I am, excluding you to me

I had to make a signboard with CLOSED on it

Clean the forgotten paths of my soul that smelled of fern and abandonment

Fetch water from the distant river to fill my long dried well

I suppose, you see not my reasons

With marital promises on our love wall, for worst and best

Please, twist that phrase


For the loved, a king partly has to be an infant

Cry, scream, and mourn, without judgment

A creature worth minding you are

I shifted my manners a little south

Tune, song and energy befriended a zero

Unmaking me your hero

Winds were battling, always, all sides

I was referee, so I partly gave up your warmth

 For the cold that freeze the violent fighters


Zilch puzzles exists now

After rounding the planet with countless vows

Brightening the dim with respectful bows

I met she that exposed all emotions, actions, impulses,

Inspirations, projects, partial, whole, large and small

The present, absent, visible, invisible, born and unborn

I am the victorious one against noiseless whirls.


I will go with whom I adore,

As you drink with the alchemist, implore

And fix the unfixed, more

Maintain yourself fully, and make a score

Say no to the one who at night will snore

Hunt for a pompadour

You, my forever upper score


Take that kiss from my exhale.

Till we meet again love.


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