The rush of heat

Results of uncertainty

The rush of heat
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More often than not, we do not pay heed to advise because we assume we can get past life without difficulties using our minimal knowledge. The reality of the matter comes to light when it is too late for a change. Thus, take the priceless words before the source becomes extinct.

I am a girl, with features and brain

Old lady’s arithmetic- one advice, a million times

The prescription is not aging

I pay heed not, I text Luke

She is without better tasks, I say

The words are faint and boring

Say no to walking corpses, the concernless,


See everything, document nothing

See everyone’s rot

Strife, get your own

Let not their feathers extinguish your candle

Lift not a dress above the knee, unless doctoring

Raise not thy legs, unless doing aerobics

Still, I pay no attention


She is with the cosmos

Everyone’s here, their rot unclear

Now, which branch is diseased?

Now, which soul is without concern?

Now, which mouth has loose jaws?

Now, which body wants private aerobics?

Now, which feather is jealous?


Safe is it to host them all?

With doors unlocked?

And drinks in the house, bill on me?

And candle hanged on the ceiling?

The politician, gossip girl, rally guy, all?

My brain cells are dead

Now, you, is it safe?


I look back and my ignorance cause a bruise

I lift my forehead from my daily tasks and feel blues

I hunger for answers and seek consolation from booze

I hang onto excuses but they bring no muse

My brain cells queue to help, responses askew 

The lack of breakthroughs continues,

Off I go in search for feverfew



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