Cheating on my girl

A beautiful temptation

Cheating on my girl
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This is a fun creative piece that tells the story of a man cheating on his woman with a mistress named london who is just as beautiful if not more. This man loves his wife, and wants to be with her, but the beauty of his mistress is so mysterious that he feels compelled to cheat.

As the sun blazes 
through my window pain 
from above, 
it strikes me down below 
as I'm lying with my love, 

we awake from 
a long night of passion, 
and desire, 
and as I glance 
into her eyes 
I can still feel 
the fire, 

I'm the only one 
for her, 
I can tell 
by her stare, 
and she needs 
me in her life, 
and I'm so happy 
to be there, 

but what she 
doesn't know 
is I'm in love 
with another, 
and as I'm lying 
there with her 
I keep thinking 
about the other, 

In my mind 
I count down 
the hours until 
I sneak out 
for the night, 
to meet up 
with my mistress, 
so we can 
both take flight, 

So we can 
rise up to the skies, 
as we engage 
in our lies, 
my girl is unaware 
so I won't hear 
her cries, 

I never thought 
I'll be the one 
to step 
out on my girl, 

but before you 
judge me, 
and say that 
I'm wrong, 

I must tell you 
that my mistress 
is amazing, 

she's tall, 
and slender, 
and flashy with lights, 
a beautiful scene, 
and the best in sight, 

she's different 
from my girl, 
she's more 
like a dream, 
then I ask myself, 
is it wrong 
what I'm doing? 
since my girl 
don't know a thing? 
as I'm out breaking 
while she's at home 
with the ring? 

I guess 
you can say 
I'm a bad man tonight, 
I'll be out getting 
love under stars, 
and sky lights, 

My mistress name 
is london, 
and my girl name is mendy, 
if my girl found out, 
then she would 
surely have envy, 

cause london 
has eyes that 
sparkle when its night, 
and compliments 
the sun as morning takes sight, 

When I first layed eyes 
on her beautiful face, 
her existence 
was amazing, 
I thought 
I was going crazy, 

my girl doesn't 
beautiful eyes 
like her's, 

Her main feature 
is her bridge, 
and she resides in uk, 

her reflection 
can be seen 
in the river 
down below, 

and at times 
through the puddles 
that are formed on her bridge, 

During late hours 
of the night, 
as I lie beside my love, 
I sneak peeks 
out windows, 
and glance high 
up above, 
gazed by her eyes, 
I'm flying like the 

disappearing into 
the night 
as I bring her 
close to me, 
She can clearly 
be seen 
never being 
a ghost to me, 

As I go home 
to my girl 
I shall tell her 
another lie, 

that I was out 
with my boys, 
so she won't 
Have to cry, 

I'm in love with my girl, 
 but the truth is, 
I'm not sure who 
I'm more in love with, 
my girl in the flesh, 
or the one 
I was just with, 

The one 
I was just with 
shines bright 
with much passion, 
and she sparkles 
up the night, 
as she steadily 
stays flashing, 

and the one 
in the flesh 
wears my ring 
on her finger, 

and is known 
as my wife, 
but the one 
I was just with 
is worth the sacrifice, 

cause I can not 
help it 
she has what I need!, 
she surrounds 
me with love, 
and charms 
me to my knees!, 
And In winter time we can't freeze, 
cause it's something so warm 
that she has in her breeze, 

and she appears 
so exquisite 
as she's covered 
with snow, 
and her reflection 
is pure white 
from the river below, 

and as the seasons 
she remains unique, 
no one in their 
right minds 
could give her negative critique, 

When I take my wife out 
to enjoy the sites, 
and the sounds 
my wife is unaware 
that my mistress is around, 
but since she's clueless, 
her smiles 
never become frowns, 

you could say 
this is a three some 
cause she's 
enjoying my mistress too, 
as she looks up, 
and screams 
"I love the lights 
they're so blue!" 

Plus we're walking 
across the bridge, 
and she loves 
the way it looks, 
she gives it 
and she says 
she's so hooked, 

and now I feel better, 
and not as bad as 
cause now my 
secret doesn't 
have to be a 
secret any more, 

Cause we all 
Can fall in love together, 
And appreciate the sites and sounds, 
And we won't 
Be breaking vowels 
Cause london 
is the town 

Jason lamorris rivers Copyright ©2009


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