A poem

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Just a poem that I wrote while waiting to hear from a current job. Mainly a poem of a writer's thoughts.

Wonderings of a writer;

Did they or didn't they

like my stuff.

Sitting here thinking of ideas

to share with others that you

think that readers will like and

be interested.

Writing is a profession whether

creative and/or professional.

Waiting for a reply to anything.

Why does it take so long sometimes,when

other times it seems that you send and a day or so

you get the news

good or bad.

Writing is a way of answering questions;

a writer just does not know how the answer helped.


    This is a poem that describes how I see the career of writing for myself.  Writing is my way of trying to make a living in a creative and professional way as I mentioned in the poem.  I am a published poet, who also likes to read poetry.  I did work as a licensed practical nurse for 13 years and two years before that I was a certified nursing assistant.  These two jobs lead me back to school to study human services/counseling/education and even psychology.  I am now an Education specialist that will be writing articles on these fields as well as sharing book reviews on new books and classic literature that I have read and how maybe they could be used in the classroom.

     The poem was written from the top of my head while I am and was waiting for replies from my various employers that I work for presently.  Writing in any field is a way to share ideas that could help others.  Writing is an enjoyable field one just has to put their nose to the grindstone.


W is for wondering

R is for reading

I is for intellect

T is for tough going at times

I is for interesting ponderings

N is for never done; always thinking of ideas to write

G is for God-willing to get published somehow

     Writing is improvisation in a verbal/nonverbal sense.  Writers to go with the flow or they will become stuck and face that miserable thing called 'Writer's Block'.  Sharing whatever you can think of in an interesting way could be a way to begin writing.  Do not forget to read, read, read for this is another way to get ideas for writing just do not plagiarize.  Just get an idea.  That is how I do my work.  Writing is suppose to be fun whether for creative or professional purposes.


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