Snow White, In memoriam, June 4, 2013-June 18, 2017

You stole my heart!

Snow White, In memoriam, June 4, 2013-June 18, 2017
Image Source - my own photograph of her
How does it feel to lose a beloved pet? Most of us feel bereft as they leave a hole in our hearts. Snow White succumbed to a disease transmitted by ticks. We lived in a cool place called Baguio City where there were no ticks. A couple of months ago, we transferred to a new home at a farm with a tropical hot climate at La Union. The place was teeming with ticks and she was infested. In my ignorance, I never knew that ticks can be deadly. Here's a poem to remember her.

I intended you to be for a friend

Who, like me, adores a furry four-legged licking being.


At the hospital, the vet asked, what it’s name?

I haven’t thought of a name;

Saving it for my friend to choose;

For a pup that was all in white;

I uttered an ordinary name,

“Snow White!”


Just home from the hospital,

I can’t give you away - a sad looking scared pup,

I’d let you sleep and play at my corridor,

Thinking that would take care of it.


You’d crawl inside my room and sleep in that red basket,

Nonchalantly so charming,

You’d look at life without any touch of worry;

Which, was extremely infectious.


You’d work late with me,

Waiting on my bed,

Keeping an eye,

While I polished an article

Or when I bring work at home,

And when all is done,

We’d enjoy a midnight snack.


Come Monday,

I’d be away,

When the weekend has come,

Your head is cocked listening for my arrival,

All poised for a hug and a pat,

And a belly rub,

Had kept me sane through difficult days,

Easing my depression and anxiety,

When the workload was too much,

And was challenged by temperamental authority,

Your happiness at seeing me clears my head,

Your endless wagging tail lightens the weariness in my heart,

It felt heaven to be home!


Once, you were lost,

Luckily, an old lady took you in,

She discovered you belonged to us,

It was joy to see you after a week’s absence!


My memories of New Years’ eve (our very last),

Was as scary as the noise that drove you away,

Finding you at the gate was my happiest first day of the year,

All black from the soot of your hiding place.


I never thought you’d end up with me,

Or that you’d be my precious Snow White,

Patient and loyal,

Fun and mischief,

Never a liar,

Loving and protective,

Never a hypocrite,

Unconditional love,

Without any demands,

But only to be loved,

You stole my heart!


I’m bereft,

I believe the Creator made you

For just one purpose - to heal my soul.


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I am sorry for what happen, that is just a life. We just cant know all in world today, so do not be sad, that is just a life. Besides when animals live only what counts is that we love them, and they feel that. I am sure your pet had a lot of love. Emotions say more than 1000 words. Great work.


thank you for those reassuring words misterdd.. I agree with what you said but I still feel a hole somewhere in my heart