Because, We Are Transgenders

Gender and Identity Conflicts

Because, We Are Transgenders
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We are reluctant towards embracing ourselves and other genders but we are still demanding for equality. Term 'equality' sounds more vulnerable now due to identity conflicts. This poem will reflect on gender related identity conflicts.

These bruises on our bodies

will not fade till we are dead.

People will harass us more

because we are transgenders.

We live in a den of ignorance

and beg for knowledge

but people never recognize us

because we are transgenders.

We are bold enough to discuss

our gender identities openly

by dressing ourselves in a saree

because we feel more comfortable.

Why is this society so immature 

to accept people like us?

We are humans

and unlike others, we feel that 

our freedom is curbed by our bodily existence.

We are in search of hope

so as to identify our identity

in this lonely world 

which cannot bear our temporary existence.

0ur right to life is getting breached

and there is awkward silence 

about our sexuality and gender identity

as if we are not alive.

We are fighting together for getting 

the acceptance we deserve.

People are participating in 'pride movements'

to celebrate their  uniqueness 

but ' toxic masculinity' still lingers in our way

and makes us look fragile.

Identity is a game of politics and conflicts

and in its name

we are getting harassed everyday

because we are transgenders.

We beg in streets and trains

not because we do not  want to work

but we beg because no one wants us to work.

We survive by fulfilling our client's wishes

because no one bothers to give us jobs

which can enable us to enjoy  independence

which we deserve.

We are vulnerable because gender matters

but matters of genders are not yet discussed.

Our lives matter

because we are humans

but still the society remains hostile

because we are transgenders.

Why people blame us

for what we are

because we love ourselves

like the way we are.

We are getting raped and killed

but we are not allowed to express

 We cry in front of the world

which is deadly for our lives.

We fight and die

but world is still hostile.

They think that we have some psychological insanity

which makes us transgenders.

We are not suffering from insanity

but we are suffering from worldly insecurities 

which increases our vulnerabilities

but no one bothers

because we are transgenders.

There is a conflict inside

and there is a conflict outside

but no one recognizes the conflictual lives

because we are transgenders.

The pain we undergo

is due to social injustice

but  no one bothers to empower us.

People talk about empowerment

but empowerment cannot happen 

in an unequal society

which is biased and does not give us 

enough space to articulate.

Everybody else can narrate our stories

but we are denied the basic right to get education

because we are transgenders.


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In the pursuit of supremacy, there are multiple challenges. Sometimes the best path comes to an end when you are just beginning to celebrate.

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