I am weak but at least..

I am weak but at least..

I am weak but at least..
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This poetry moves around slaves, about how they feel when we order them..Hope you will like it!

The God sent us to the earth as a free soul,


The rich of the world made us their slave

Those who shout, have to write their will 

And those who remain, have to forget about their vein

I was thinking, how to get myself out from this jail?

Which they call a world,

Although i am weak but at least, i feel,

I believe that none is poor and none is richer except by their deeds.

This world is like a seed,

What you will grow,

You have to eat.

Your shout can heal anyone's wound and that isn't just easy.

I would rather prefer to kill myself, then to kill my dignity

I stand against them,


I won and they lose,

The dignity won and their brutality lose,

I was feeling satisfy and richer than those fools,

Who prefer to stay silent and don't feel their woes.


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Your poem somewhat tells us that we should never be slave in spirit... I agree with that and we need to get out of it so we can totally experience the real meaning of freedom. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem. Keep it up!


Thank you goldstay!


Very nice creation dear...keep it up..all d best for the future ones 😊😊


Thanks Nehas...


Lovely poem. It's no secret there are people in power and the rich who have turned many into slaves. Unknowingly, many of us slaves. But as you said, I agree with you: I can never sell my dignity, I can never kill my dignity. It is what God has blessed us with.


Thank you Ali