True Love Never Fades

True love is immortal

True Love Never Fades
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Each one of us goes through arguments and fights in our relationship and feel disappointed that why did we fall in love! But, true love never fades whatever be the situation. This poem takes you along the journey of our true love and its imperishable existence in our lives.

While wandering in my thoughts caves,

My heart told me that true love never fades.

Arguments and fights, ego juice and anger shakes,

Can make you feel that, your lover is fake.

But, I want to tell you that true love never fades.


Do you remember after those fights,

And the nights in which your thoughts kept you awake.

Who came up to you with a bed tea surprise in the morning,

Keeping his/her ego at stake.

It was your true love, and it really never fades.


Ups and downs come and go,

But, ego and anger are your enemies whom you should overtake.

Because this is the only mistake that one makes,

And keeps these two in the pocket as most favorite.


Ego and anger are the friends,

That are empowered to bring your love at stake.

So never be friends with them,

Because true love doesn't need these cherries on your cake.


Arguments and fights do happen in life,

But, finding true love is the best part of life.

So, never be late to apologise if you make a mistake,

Because, my dear friends, TRUE LOVE NEVER FADES!!


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My poem is about a boy falling in love with her best friend, and he expresses his emotions through poem.... .

This little poem I wrote for everyone and for myself, to look at it back, when i'm feeling down.

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Superb Neha! Wonderfully expressed.


Wow .........awesome dear ...keep it up.I really liked it so much and it touched my heart.It's the truth .....u so nicelly written in words.Excellent....


Thanks a lot bhabhi for the motivation and appreciation...It really helps me a lot to move forward with more confidence...Thanks again...


Nicely interpretation of the feelings. Keep on writing...


Thanks a lot ...😊😊


Good one.....each n every line is so true.....keep it up dearπŸ‘


Your poem is awam di.... Keep it up.....


Thanks a lot sweetheart 😘😘😘


Awesome πŸ”₯


Thanks dearπŸ˜†πŸ˜†


Having ups and downs are just the normal cycle of married life. If a couple continuosly has struggles and arguments but they keep on surviving such phase, your poem truly tells that it is a GENUINE LOVE that never fades. Keep on sharing my friend. :)


Thanks a ton for your beautiful and valuable comments really works great for my motivation and inspiration. Thank you so much and do keep guiding me like this.