Heart on a noose

The scared heart

Heart on a noose
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The poem takes you through the mind of a person who is in deep love, but is very insecure of it to be never ending due to his esteem.

You came in my life like a beeming light

To guide me through the journey, often called life.


You held my hand when I was not sure

To heal my nervousness with your love's cure.


I stumbled upon things and fell down

You picked me up and carried me through dawn.


I know I had nothing without you by my side

I still have nothing, keeping you aside.


Even the thought of loosing you is like a bad dream

After which I wake up with a horrifying screem.


With you by my side, I know I'll get what I want

If not for you, my life is a haunt.


I know it might not last forever with you

Want to live every moment, though few.


I don't think I'm worthy enough for your love, its for you to choose

I hope you are with me for the long haul..

But still, my heart is on a noose.


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