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Deserted Path

A man's journey.

Deserted Path
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The poem describes a man's journey through the difficulties of life, it give s a message that one should always be optimistic and never give up on their will to overcome any dire situation in the end.

I walk down the deserted path,

to reach my snowy winter

To be able to feel the cold upon my skin,

and my breath a little minter.


The path is full of cactuses,

but that doesn't mean I'll stop

I just keep walking with a will,

to concur what I sat out for.


Our mind is a funny thing,

we never know what it wants

Craves for the sun in cold,

and the same in draught it haunts.


Things keep popping in my mind

and I get lost sometimes

But there there was a path to travel,

to get what has always been mine.


The falcons keep circuling 

my almost lifeless body to eat

But I kept walking

till there is power in my feet.


The grass might have been greener

from where I started fine

But I'm not going to settle

for anything less than heart-filled devine.


There might not be water to drink,

but there is blood in my body

I'll head towards the whiter place

through this path which is muddy.


I saw the path end,

with my hope still bright

I knew I'll be there,

but not without a fight.


The journey was a walking hell,

but I had the last laugh.

Maybe, in starting I was,

but never again, will I be afraid of the deserted path.


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