Rain: The natural shower

Missing the natural shower: Rain

Rain: The natural shower
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Are you also missing the rain, which we used to enjoy during our childhood days? It was so much fun to take a bath in the rain. But, in today's scenario, we hardly find that natural shower due to the excessive human intervention in the nature. This poem would precisely take you towards the rapid and steady depletion of our valuable natural shower.

It's been so long since,

I've taken a natural shower,

Which I used to take,

During my childhood for long hours.


Now, when I see the rain,

And reach the terrace of my tower,

I do not find that heavy rain,

In which I can take my shower.


It's all the consequences of, 

Increased human intervention in the natural power.

That we do not find anymore,

Our natural shower.


A rapid depletion of the ozone layer,

Is an alarming signal for every passing hour.

But, nobody seriously cares,

towards the gradual depletion of our natural showers.


I wonder when the time will come,

So we all will consider this earth as ours.

And start planting trees on, 

The land which we call as ours.


It's time to wake up now,

And plant the source of oxygen every hour.

So that our future generations,

Would be able to see the rain, the natural shower.


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We've been having moderate rain for the past few days and I love it.


A fact well known to everyone but acknowledged by a few.... Keep it up...


Thanks dear 😊😊


Nice words. Reminded me of the time we used to wait for monsoons to enjoy the natural shower.


Thank you so much for such a positive note..u made my motive behind this poem come true 😊


Beautiful topic illustrated with nice selection of words full of correct feelings. Keep it up.


Thanks a lot 😊


The poem is in a free-verse style but every word you put makes sense and it gives the reader a clear message of becoming a good steward to the environment. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks a lot for such appreciation and motivaton...it means a lot to me..:)