From best friend to love

Journey from best friend to love

From best friend to love
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My poem is about a boy falling in love with her best friend, and he expresses his emotions through poem....

She was one of the best friend I ever had;
But no sooner she made me mad, 

Simply her smile makes  my day;
And seeing that all my sorrow flews away, 

The innocence of her heart, the joy of her face;
Makes my heart go through an unexpected  race, 

She remains in my mind all day there is no doubt:
And I smile like crazy remembering  her as  there is no way out, 

The charm in her eyes wins my heart;
And seeing her sad tares me apart, 
She makes me complete in every way;
I can't live without her even a day, 

Love for her in my heart  reflects through my eyes;
If I got a chance to love again i'll fall for her twice.


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This little poem I wrote for everyone and for myself, to look at it back, when i'm feeling down.

The poem is about love that improves a person's life. If the presence of other person improves your life and comes as your true strength in fighting with failures, then it is true love in my eyes.

Each one of us goes through arguments and fights in our relationship and feel disappointed that why did we fall in love! But, true love never fades whatever be the situation. This poem takes you along the journey of our true love and its imperishable existence in our lives..

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I have heard many times that your friend would make a good partner. I had a chance to experience once, it did not work out as we wanted and things were different after that so you can say I lost a good friend because of it. I am usually the exception to the rule so do not go off what happen to me. If you are in love with your friend make sure you are loved back before telling the person. I could see that changing things also.


This poem is just based on my imagination,it may be reality for some people,but its so kind of you to share your experience,even though I haven't been through that situation,i will make sure to remember your advice.and people who are in it will be definitely benefited by your advice.