From best friend to love

Journey from best friend to love

From best friend to love
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My poem is about a boy falling in love with her best friend, and he expresses his emotions through poem....

She was one of the best friend I ever had;
But no sooner she made me mad, 

Simply her smile makes  my day;
And seeing that all my sorrow flews away, 

The innocence of her heart, the joy of her face;
Makes my heart go through an unexpected  race, 

She remains in my mind all day there is no doubt:
And I smile like crazy remembering  her as  there is no way out, 

The charm in her eyes wins my heart;
And seeing her sad tares me apart, 
She makes me complete in every way;
I can't live without her even a day, 

Love for her in my heart  reflects through my eyes;
If I got a chance to love again i'll fall for her twice.


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