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Kingdom of Love

War between me and the queen of love

Kingdom of Love
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This poetry describes how i fight the queen of love, and she snatches all my hatred and throws it away, leaving me with a mere lovely heart.

The knell was tolled;

Men, like beasts; muscular;

Thwacking and beating the drums;

A battle led by the queen of love;

I was doomed; as I was the opposition;


Her army was great;

Spears; arrows; swordsmen upon gallant horses;

She assailed with the pincer plan;

We lost the battle;

Or; for us; battle never started;


They captured me; the culprit;

“Queen welcomes you in her castle”; they said;

I knew welcome hymns are death songs there;

Castle was built tall; depicting the reach of love; sky high;

Wide it was; as love accepts all with wide hands;


I stood guilty in front of her throne;

The royal throne mended with flowers;

Aroma of fresh damask roses conquered the castle;

I saw a garland of daisies and lilies upon her;

This scent; to me; was from the flowers on my shroud;


She ordered; “come closer”!

Her voice; seemed a reckless foot crushing the flowery aura;

She took a dagger in her hand; sleek; sharp;

I started with my penultimate prayers;

And I moved ahead with heavy steps;


She pierced the dagger; inside my chest;

I felt my bones breaking; making a creaking sound;

The steel swam in my blood; to reach the shore; my heart;

She sadistically; found a part in my heart;

The part of hatred it was; which she chopped off from it;


“Hail love; fail hate”! She cried in exult!

Her castle; bustled with the slogan;

The slogan; for the kingdom of love;

I stood there in agony; writhing;

As she; threw my hatred; and fed the devils.

I lost everything; leftovers are; a queen to serve;

And some pieces of love.   


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As I try to read your poem, my imagination goes with the journey of catching the queen love. Indeed, it is a lovely poem. Keep up the good job.


I don't understand but I then also like your article so that's great


How beautifully you have framed your words. I'm short of words to praise you. Great job buddy. Keep the good work


Thank you so much! Glad you read!


It is a treat for all the poetry lovers. Salute to ur imagination. Amazingly amazing!!!


Amazing piece of work really thoughtful poems love to read these type of poetry👏👏