Kingdom of Love

War between me and the queen of love

Kingdom of Love
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This poetry describes how i fight the queen of love, and she snatches all my hatred and throws it away, leaving me with a mere lovely heart.

The knell was tolled;

Men, like beasts; muscular;

Thwacking and beating the drums;

A battle led by the queen of love;

I was doomed; as I was the opposition;


Her army was great;

Spears; arrows; swordsmen upon gallant horses;

She assailed with the pincer plan;

We lost the battle;

Or; for us; battle never started;


They captured me; the culprit;

“Queen welcomes you in her castle”; they said;

I knew welcome hymns are death songs there;

Castle was built tall; depicting the reach of love; sky high;

Wide it was; as love accepts all with wide hands;


I stood guilty in front of her throne;

The royal throne mended with flowers;

Aroma of fresh damask roses conquered the castle;

I saw a garland of daisies and lilies upon her;

This scent; to me; was from the flowers on my shroud;


She ordered; “come closer”!

Her voice; seemed a reckless foot crushing the flowery aura;

She took a dagger in her hand; sleek; sharp;

I started with my penultimate prayers;

And I moved ahead with heavy steps;


She pierced the dagger; inside my chest;

I felt my bones breaking; making a creaking sound;

The steel swam in my blood; to reach the shore; my heart;

She sadistically; found a part in my heart;

The part of hatred it was; which she chopped off from it;


“Hail love; fail hate”! She cried in exult!

Her castle; bustled with the slogan;

The slogan; for the kingdom of love;

I stood there in agony; writhing;

As she; threw my hatred; and fed the devils.

I lost everything; leftovers are; a queen to serve;

And some pieces of love.   


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