Walking down the aisle

Dilemma of a girl's heart at the time of her wedding

Walking down the aisle
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Have you ever thought about the dilemma going inside a girl's heart at the time of her wedding? It is the most awaited moment in a girls life and the most difficult one as well as she has to chose to leave her parents and her home for her soulmate. This poem is just a reflection of this dilemma.

After waiting for so long, 

It's time to walk down the aisle.

With my prince charming awaiting,

But I am feeling a little puzzled.


How the time has flown,

When I used to build sand castles.

And now the time has come,

To walk down the aisle.


I used to be the princess,

Of my mom and dad's castle.

Their unconditional love and care,

Is making difficult now to walk down the aisle.


Who would now take care of my parents,

When they would be in a hassle.

How would I get my mom's lap to sleep,

After I walk down the aisle.


It won't be so easy,

To live without my parents.

How would I get the strength now,

To walk down the aisle. 


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It's such a good poem, it really makes me think about the pros and cons of marriage.


Thanks you so much for the lovely comment 😊😊


Walking their is a great thing so it is great




Entering the world of married life takes more mature adjustments. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.


Thank you so much


This is amazingggg...


Thanks a lot 😊