Going Away!

The pain of giving up is worse than being taken away.

Going Away!
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When the controllable things slip out of hand and you can't stop but blame yourself or the destiny, for that one thing which mattered to you the most. The pain and agony is beyond words and it's heart wrenching.

It built, it grew 

Like drops of dew

I had a little dream

Of me and you.

Not everything goes as decided,

With all my heart in you, I confided.

Somethings can't be held,

You belonged to me, i felt.

I tried to stop myself from entering that gate,

But by the time my heart realised, it was too late.

Its often hard to let go,

However that's how one's love would show.

I may not be the best thing that happened to you,

But a pleasant memory, you once knew.

We may not be walking together for the rest of our lives,

But I'd be happy for I did strive.

Sadly I lost my lucky charm,

And so i have an empty arm.

If ever we happen to cross each other's way,

'She once meant a life to me', smile and say.

You owe me nothing now, 

No promises no vow.

Just manage to keep me in your heart for some time,

And say it to yourself often ,'Yes! she was mine.'

With a little more than just sad,

Goodbyes are always too bad.

I will stick to you as a friend for life,

Posing in your wedding pictures with your wife.

And even if I don't live upto this promise of mine, 

I will bless you to smile grow and shine.

I will surely be an indespensible part of your life chart, 

May be distant in life but always near to your heart.


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