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How Selfish Humans!

How Selfish Humans! How Selfish!

How Selfish Humans!
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This is my second poetry in which I have raise the importance of tree as being a tree. Hope you will like it!

Hey, I am a tree!

I give you shelter and lots of fruits,

My green leaves save you from scorching beams,

My fruits help you get rid of hunger,

And you,

You just kill me to get heat!

How Selfish Humans! How Selfish!

I absorb Carbon dioxide just for you,

Beneath me you feel free and that's so true

And you just kill me to get your way way clean!

How Selfish Humans! How Selfish!

Growing me up keeps your environment clean,

And you just keep deleting me!

I help you in meditation,

And you can't even bare me!

How Selfish Humans! How Selfish!

I gave you oxygen and you don't even watered me!

I make your world look beautiful,

And you just kill me for a paper!

How Selfish Humans! How Selfish!

Take care of me before it gets too late!


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We as a human are really selfish hence to explain this is really great so keep it up


Thank you


Excellent! Bravo!


Aww,so nice of you...Thank you