A never ending journey

A never ending journey

A never ending journey
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This is my second poem where I ponder over the meaning of life and measure its success with the ability to learn and get rid of all falsehood

Here I reflect on the purpose of life. There is no meaning to life than to learn and roam in search of knowledge and wisdom:


in search for knowledge, in the quest for wisdom

in pursuit of excellence, will find my freedom

nothing excites me more than to learn

my willingness to unlearn and then to relearn

shall take me to heights which know no bound

someone told me success has no sound

not only by money, not even by fame

I am driven by the need to remain

in this race which never culminates

at night, sometimes, I ruminate

when will I redeem myself

from the clutches of my falsehood

still looking for answers

tell me if you could!


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Dear Sir, Please tell about the plagiarism checker name which you have used to check plagiarism in your poetry.


i did not use any checker


If you doubt, therefore you exist.- One way to say that life is really not meaningless. Thank you for sharing.


I agree. thanks for liking