Reflection: My thoughts and me

Reflection: My thoughts and me

Reflection: My thoughts and me
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My first poetry reflecting on the sorry state of affairs surrounding us and the society. We have lost morality and hence there is an urgent need to reform ourselves.

This is my first poetry, reflecting on the excesses, which we inflict on our fellow human beings and hence there is an urgent need to mend our ways and submit ourselves to God. We should learn to live in peace and harmony, thereby bringing solace and quiet to this otherwise noisy world.


I reflect, I ponder

Sometimes I wonder

why is there so much pain

everyone is trying to gain

take a minute, pause and reflect

any negative thoughts, deflect

think true and positive

In God, we surrender

Sometimes I wonder

the bloodbath and treason

no rhyme and no reason

We do not need this

learn to live in bliss

in rains and in thunder

Sometimes I wonder

I reflect, I ponder


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Our standard for morality should always be submitted to the morality of God.


nice one