Poetry About Pregnant Women

Care of Pregnant Women

Poetry About Pregnant Women
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This is a poetry about pregnant women. Pregnant women should remain under doctor's advice. They need extra nutritious foods

Pregnancy is the first step of motherhood;

They need much more extra nutritious foods,

It is the result of love of the couple;

They should remain best and cheerful,

It is the question of two valuable lives;

We should be careful with their survive,

Pregnant women should be under good habits;

Any kind of intoxication should be omit ,

Physically, mentally should be cool and calm;

In case of conflict, they should mum,

Labour should be light never be heavy;

Absolute rest contrary we should savvy,

It’s a difficult period of every human life;

During this period they should not strive,

High-risk complication may arise;

Pregnant women should follow doctor’s advice,

Love, affection, illusion is their bless;

Pregnant women should be always tensionless,

As they are carrying the family successors;

Nourishment should be as far as better.


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It is an amazing act of nature that lets a woman become pregnant and conceive a child. Pregnancy makes me so happy to be a man, I could not imagine what child birth feels like and there is no way I would want to experience it. It does create a special bond between the mother and child that a man can not fully understand. With our advancements in medicine and technology there are still too many babies being born with defects or deaths When everything goes right and the baby is born healthy I feel there is something larger than us in control.