Marriage - A Social Custom

Marriage - A Social Custom

Marriage - A Social Custom
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Marriage is a social institution. It is the source of desire parenthood. It is a bond of mutual obligation.

Marriage is alliance of two opposite sex;

Marriage is a social custom with few witness,

Marriage is creator of holy family life;

Marriage makes two characters husband and wife,

Marriage is reconciliation of two different minds;

Marriage is loving and affectionate bind,

Marriage is authentic for legal sexual rights;

Marriage can do a couple beautiful and bright,

Marriage is a social based permanent relation;

Marriage is a universal social institution,

Marriage is origin to procreate successors;

Marriage is contract of understanding measure,

Marriage is the source of desire parenthood;

Marriage is happy and unhappy companion root,

Marriage is considered as the legal contract;

Marriage is to expel the loneliness in fact,

Marriage is permanent bond of mutual obligation;

Marriage is a system of hard negotiation,

Marriage is a stage of hearty co-operation;

Marriage can overcome the religious discrimination.


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This is another effort from me in which i have talked about the people who cannot speak..Hope you will like it!.

Life is the twist of our ways, u can't see them Twisting but only feel, it has its own style no one can understand is something far from our thoughts and view. .

Everyone desires happiness. It is in the pinnacle of thoughts of every person.

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This is a great poem. Marriage is meant to be sacred union strengthed by the presence and inclusion of God who holds the two together. Marriage has become loosed over the years due to commercialization. Nevertheless there are some who still holds Marriage by its sacred standards and continue to instill those values and traditions in the coming and younger generations.


Marriage use to be more than a piece of paper that binds two people together. There are still people that believe in the sanctity of marriage but there is a growing trend of people getting together and living together without being married. It may be easier to separate if there is no paper bonding you to someone, this thinking has degraded what marriage is about.. Good Poem.