Marriage - A Social Custom

Marriage - A Social Custom

Marriage - A Social Custom
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Marriage is a social institution. It is the source of desire parenthood. It is a bond of mutual obligation.

Marriage is alliance of two opposite sex;

Marriage is a social custom with few witness,

Marriage is creator of holy family life;

Marriage makes two characters husband and wife,

Marriage is reconciliation of two different minds;

Marriage is loving and affectionate bind,

Marriage is authentic for legal sexual rights;

Marriage can do a couple beautiful and bright,

Marriage is a social based permanent relation;

Marriage is a universal social institution,

Marriage is origin to procreate successors;

Marriage is contract of understanding measure,

Marriage is the source of desire parenthood;

Marriage is happy and unhappy companion root,

Marriage is considered as the legal contract;

Marriage is to expel the loneliness in fact,

Marriage is permanent bond of mutual obligation;

Marriage is a system of hard negotiation,

Marriage is a stage of hearty co-operation;

Marriage can overcome the religious discrimination.


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